Past Projects

Here are a few of our past projects.

This was an epic Christmas eve build I did for my daughter. Due to work commitments, I only had one day to make this barn for her toy horses. I got it done, but it was a little rough. She plans on using it as a coffee table in her house one day.
This was my first experience in “Make it look like (A certain 4 letter furniture store) made it.” I learned a lot building it, but in the future, I will just tell customers to go to that store if that’s what they want.
Octagon Coffee Table. This one was fun. friend of mine bought a very reduced price coffee table at a store because the original top had cracked. (You can see it in the background.) I made a top out of white oak to fit the existing metal base. It’s pretty stout, and now serves as the centerpiece of their living room. The wine holder is not attached, but rather balances there.
This one is a reclaimed cedar coat rack for a friend’s new house It was a quick and easy build, but still a ton of fun.
This coin holder started out as a scrap of white oak. One day, I just started working it with some hand planes, and above you see the result. I had it laser engraved and it serves as a reminder.

I like tea. I don’t drink coffee, so I drink tea instead. This has led me to start making tea display items as well. This one is also special because the box was made when I went to a hand cut dovetail class, and it’s my first dovetail box. The wood is cherry.

After our family trip to england, we needed a way to hold and display our keychains we collected. I found this block of walnut and it did the trick. This is Josie (That’s her hand!) and I figuring out the layout of the keychains on the block.
This was a small white oak and walnut spice cabinet I made for my wife.
This is a simple timer framed mailbox post for a neighbor. It’s cedar posts finished with spar urethane. No glue is used in it, just the pegged mortises.